Anyone can give a referral–a satisfied customer, your grandma, that friend you know through social media, or a celebrity endorsement.

What’s key to getting these referrals is a structured referral program that fosters customer loyalty.

Many businesses assume that a referral system for a specific business is cut and dry. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A referral program can work with any business. You need to be innovative with the specifics, but a referral program will work for any audience.

You can ask for referrals through e-mails, social media, and texts. It is crucial that you have a relationship with your clients and know what allows them to share. Shareable referral links and printed materials can also make the referral process as simple as possible and gives you yet another way to promote your referral program. 

The benefit of print when added to digital marketing

Using print media helps you to incorporate visual and physical features, including font, colors, images and texture. People can remember 65 percent of the visual stimuli they see nearly three days later. A business can create an emotional bond with their customers through print media, which can be lost in digital media.

Content on print platforms continues to be popular by the public. About 82% or four out of five Americans trust newspapers and magazine advertising. Print advertisements are part of the user experience, rather than providing anyone with an irritating pop-up ad. Print readers do not usually multi-task as they do when they quickly browse the web or search social media. Print materials offer a visceral aspect to a business and make people pay better attention to the business when they can ignore ads or emails in their inbox.

Making the referral ask as easy as possible

Your referral program must be an important part of your customer journey by removing any obstacles. Referrals can make your customers become convincing “salespeople” to their friends and family. When they feel they are happy with the value and price point of your products and services, that is already a powerful sales point. A successful referral program makes it easier for customers to share your company with others.

Psychology teaches us we favor smaller, more urgent rewards over bigger, slower rewards. The longer the reward is withheld, the lower its importance in the human mind. It is backed up by human brain scans, which show that immediate rewards cause higher levels of cognitive activity. In other words, you need to encourage your customers to refer a friend into a buying customer in a short period. Make the “ask” easier for your customers by giving them something tangible, like a printed postcard with a link or a QR code so they can share their code with others. Do so and we guarantee you to have a loyal following working on your behalf.

Reach existing and potential advocates in a novel way

People are tired of emails at this point. Nor do they enjoy switching between tabs or social media channels to copy and paste a code. Even phone calls and texts can get tiring. But mail is picking up. People like receiving physical things and often pay more attention to something is in their hand and messaged appropriately to share with their friends and family.

Don’t just ask the customer to do so. Make sure you do your homework and know a little about your target. Going overboard can be a big turnoff and inconvenient for the clients. Look for a fair shot, one which isn’t coerced or pressured.

Recommendations and referrals are important if you want to stand out from the crowd. They can be the main differentiator between two otherwise identical brands or products. In a sea of the same marketing practices, it is a spotlight on you and your brand name.

A referral program is an excellent way to let your customers talk and share your company. We hope you can start your own referral system or take a current one up to the next stage through this innovative customer referral program. It can be an effective and inexpensive marketing tool for your company with the right resources and messaging.

At WarmUp, we can help you create a referral program using mail and digital marketing to make you successful. Want to learn more how we can help you get started? Book a demo with us today.