WarmUp Chats

In order to continually grow our knowledge about referral programs in a variety of industries, we started a virtual video series called “WarmUp Chats.” We have been fortunate enough to line up a great list of folks from numerous businesses that have seen massive success through the creation of a referral program. Check out the videos below to learn from the best!

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode of WarmUp Chats! 


Today, we’re talking to Chris Chasteen, Co-Founder of Content Cucumber. They’re a content writing agency based in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in writing blogs that grow businesses. 


Their business model features flat-rate billing, unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and teaming clients up with an experienced writer that brings their ideas to life.


Watch the episode to learn more about Chris, Content Cucumber, and what they’ve learned about how to do referral and affiliate programs right.

Want to be a guest on WarmUp Chats?

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