Business challenge

WarmUp’s client is a local travel agency that specializes in high end trips to exotic destinations. In a marketing landscape where most of their competitors are focused on providing rock bottom pricing on cookie cutter trips that many similar travel agencies offer, this client wanted to focus on building value in their service and unique trips based on years of experience.

WarmUp’s solution

WarmUp helped the travel agency craft some simple, personalized messaging that relies on their relationships with their clientele to espouse the value of making a referral, both financially and from a social capital stand point.

By focusing on the benefits that their friends will receive by becoming a client of this travel agency (unique trips with all aspects handled for them, making it truly relaxing), they have been able to get some immediate new relationships built with new clients.


  1. ROI exceeded their annual cost for the WarmUp program in the first month
  2. Referrals produced $6K worth of new trackable revenue in Q1 of 2020
  3. The referral program has allowed them to reward and recognize their loyal customers
  4. Not only are they receiving new sales from the referrals but also life long customers worth a lot

About WarmUp

WarmUp offers a turnkey software solution that helps companies grow through automated referral programs. Our customized approach equips businesses to entice existing, happy customers to share referrals that generate warm leads and convert them into new, happy customers.