Business challenge

WarmUp’s client is a local tech SaaS (Software as a Service) company that provides digital college courses and online platform hubs for education. After a new customer signed up for the software, the client needed to increase the flow of their sales pipeline to combat high customer acquisition costs. As a result, the client looked to WarmUp for the implementation of an email campaign to generate referrals from their existing customer base.

WarmUp’s solution

WarmUp worked with the client’s specific needs to create a customized email campaign with the goal of requesting customer referrals.Through their link technology and automated referral software, WarmUp developed fully pre-written email messages and broke them down into a two-step sequence in order to:

The SaaS client was equipped to request and track referrals through their existing happy customers using the technology channel those customers utilized the most: email. This process allowed the client to quickly set up their automated email campaign and generate recommended text along with suggestions on who to reach out to within their network. WarmUp’s personalized, prewritten emails, and shareable links made this campaign easy to launch for the client and user-friendly for the customer advocates.


  1. 30% of customers became referral advocates
  2. Customer acquisition costs decreased by 60%
  3. Through the referral increase and acquisition cost decrease, the client was able to onboard their new customer with high efficiency and low cost, empowering them to experience fewer business growth pains

About WarmUp

WarmUp offers a turnkey software solution that helps companies grow through automated referral programs. Our customized approach equips businesses to entice existing, happy customers to share referrals that generate warm leads and convert them into new, happy customers.