Business challenge

WarmUp’s client is a local sports franchise that relies on ticket sales to maintain its status as the go-to family friendly activity in Indianapolis. In order to boost ticket sales, they wanted to spread the word about the fun families and friends experience at the games each year. Their Senior Sales Executive needed to fill the top of his sales funnel with qualified leads to increase attendance, but he was unsure how to best leverage the enthusiasm of existing ticket holders.

WarmUp’s solution

WarmUp worked with the client’s specific needs to create a customized, out-of-the box process for referrals. Through their automated referral program, the Senior Sales Executive was equipped to request and track referrals from his existing accounts of past ticket purchasers. Through the referral program, WarmUp provided:


  1. 250 referral shares
  2. 60+ promised referrals
  3. 31 received referrals
  4. The sports franchise estimates that a 5-10% top-line revenue increase can be attributed to the results driven by WarmUp.

About WarmUp

WarmUp offers a turnkey software solution that helps companies grow through automated referral programs. Our customized approach equips businesses to entice existing, happy customers to share referrals that generate warm leads and convert them into new, happy customers.