Business challenge

WarmUp’s client is a local HVAC company with about 20 employees. In a marketing landscape where most competing HVAC companies are focused on knocking out service calls as quickly and cheaply as possible while marketing via mail pieces, discounts, and a race to the bottom on price, this client wanted to focus on building value in their unique value propositions.

WarmUp’s solution

Due to the constant introduction of new customers, WarmUp helped the HVAC company create a promotional plan that focused on giving the customers’ referrals a discount and the customer who referred a motivational incentive for making the referral.

Combining this with an omnichannel marketing approach to create awareness of the program and its benefits through email campaigns, physical mail pieces, business cards with referral links that tech’s hand out onsite, website banners, and more, they’ve seen massive success.


  1. ROI exceeded their annual cost for the WarmUp program in under 3 months
  2. Referrals produced $20K+ worth of new trackable revenue in Q1 of 2020
  3. The referral program has allowed them to reward and recognize their loyal customers
  4. Their customer service has improved through additional training and more contact

About WarmUp

WarmUp offers a turnkey software solution that helps companies grow through automated referral programs. Our customized approach equips businesses to entice existing, happy customers to share referrals that generate warm leads and convert them into new, happy customers.