Many times in my life I’ve found that sharing something I’m working on or announcing that I’m going to do something will rally my friends and family to support me. 

The same thing is true of your business and any initiatives that you launch whether those are new products, services, or referral programs. 

So, naturally, we recommend that you tell all of your supporters, customers, and partners that you will be launching a referral program. 

There are a few reasons why it’s important not to skip the announcement step:

  1. People have to mentally make up their mind about something before they do it. Announcing your intentions in advance gives them that breathing room to come prepared to act.
  2. In general, keeping others looped in makes them happy and makes them feel more like they want to support your success. 
  3. Finally, it serves as a mechanism to create accountability with yourself and your team. If you announce that the program is coming you are more likely to follow through. 

Five ways to Announce your referral program:

  1. Social Media: Mention it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social network. Social networks are great at generating word of mouth for things. If you are following your customers and they are following you the right kinds of people will know it’s coming soon. 
  2. Email: Personalized one-to-one emails are always best but a mass email is fine for an announcement such as, “we are launching a referral program soon, stay tuned!”. Keep it short and sweet. You’ll be surprised by how many people might chime in with questions and ideas.
  3. Email Signatures: While we are talking about email, use your signature block to advertise new things that are happening with your business. This might be your upcoming referral program, today, and something else tomorrow.
  4. Flyers and Posters: Do you visit customers in their homes? Do customers come into your store? Why not hang a poster with a QR code that links to more information about your upcoming referral program? Or a flyer that talks about it going live in the coming weeks or months? These touch points make it clear to your customers that word-of-mouth is important to your business and gets them primed to be asked for referrals, later. 
  5. Website: Add an announcement, banner, or page to your website about the referral program that is coming soon. If you’re lucky enough to have customers and prospects already coming to your site, how about giving them a heads up about future initiatives like your referral program. Your referral program is something that your company “owns” and as such is something that should be talked about with pride.

Ultimately, you know your business and your happy customers best. What are some other ways you can easily and effectively communicate your new referral program to them? Comment on this page or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat about this or learn more about our software!