So you did your research, you know your audience, you’ve set up your referral program, and you’re ready to go. But how do you really make it a success?

If you want to have a great referral program that is loved by your customers and constantly talked about, you need to make sure you’re focusing on a few key points to truly make it fun and shareable. So, how can you really make your referral program fun? Read on to find out.

Focus on what’s in it for your customers

Instead of making your program seem transactional, concentrate on offering fun incentives or exclusive products or services to people who make a referral. Create special contests for people who have entered the referral program to incentivize them to refer more people. Come up with double sided incentives sot hat it feels good for your customers to earn incentives while giving discounts to their friends.

Special gifts are exceptional, but surprise prizes are thrilling. This approach helps you to pick an array of presents to offer clients. Amazon and eBay used this concept, and it worked well for them.

Offer a high-value product as part of a social media contest if your followers refer their friends. Social media entries include more people in the promotion as people share the promotion in exchange for additional entries into the contest. While the incentive might be a little more pricey, when you get such large engagement and sharing, it can often be a drop in the bucket compared to the benefit your company will receive from new, high-quality business from referrals.

Make your promotion so exciting, people don’t want to miss out

If you hype up coming promotions and share it everywhere in a consistent manner, then people will start to follow you just to see what the next promotion is. They’re excited to share because they feel like they’re part of something special. Not being part of the referral program should be the exception, not the rule.

Let me give you an example. Have you heard of the brewery 450 North? It’s in Columbus, IN. They do special “Beer Releases” where they release new beers that you can only get by pre-ordering online. The hype with these beer releases has become so huge that people will take a day off work, drive down, wait in their cars for hours, just to get these beers. Also, they sell a 4 pack for around $25 (which is a lot). However, because it’s something special and people have access to stuff that they can’t otherwise get, they will go to extreme lengths to participate so they can get something special.

Think about how you can make your program this exciting. What special gifts or exclusive access can you give your customers to your product or services? Let’s use the example of a SaaS company that has software that their potential advocates will be sharing with their friends or colleagues. Maybe you can give them a certain period of time where their version of your software will be upgraded to the full service version at no additional cost simply for referring someone. Give them all the bells and whistles for no additional cost for 3 months per person they refer. Also, anyone they share it with will get their first 3 months of the full-fledged software as well at no additional cost from the tier they select.

Rather than just focusing on cash incentives, get creative with what you’re willing to give to build more excitement (and potentially lower you out of pocket cost for the rewards you’re providing). Sometimes, giving customers a discount on your product or exclusive access at no additional cost works as an upsell and, again, costs you less out of pocket than a pure cash incentive.

Make the referral program as easy as possible

If you want to get more people to do any actions, the more obstacles you’re putting up, the less likely they’re going to do it. Even a wrong link can stop people in their tracks. Make it seem like a piece of cake to enter and show the benefits, and you’ll see the registrations grow.

To complete the referral process, reduce the number of clicks or taps required to reach your program on your website. Provide sharing options, such as email, social media, and a referral link (even QR codes in the right situations, like print promotions).

If the program even seems complex or difficult to comprehend, you’ll notice a marked drop in engagement and referrals. Make it fun, easy, and simple to share and you’ll notice more and more referrals start to come in through multiple sources.

Ready to Level Up Your Referral Program?

Without structure and constant engagement, you are only hoping positive things will happen. You must incorporate referrals into who you are and how you work to reliably achieve outstanding outcomes. It’s important to be intentional and consistent with talking about and promoting your program, so if you would like help, just give us a shout! We’re here to help make you successful. Click HERE to schedule an appointment to chat with us today!